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Restored Latvian films

The Restored Feature Films Collection brings together best films from Latvian cinema in a broad chronological and genre spectrum, while the Documentary Films Collection features important short films from the Riga way of poetic documentary cinema. The animation collection brings together classic and well-loved animated films for children.

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Industrial heritage collection

The history of industry in Latvia dates back to the 17th century when manufacturing and shipbuilding flourished in the Duchy of Courland. By the 19th century, Riga was already an important industrial centre of Eastern Europe and the whole Russian Empire. The digital collection contains information on more than 100 former and current Latvian factories.

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Extensive collection of concert recordings of classical, contemporary and popular music

The Culture Information Systems Centre (CISC) offers open access to 70 cultural events in Latvia in recent years – concerts of classical, contemporary and popular music, which were recorded within the framework of the project “Digitization of Cultural Heritage Content” implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (Phase 1 and Phase 2), which can be watched online in high technological quality by all Latvian residents on


  • For professionals

    How to start cultural heritage digitization?

    The recommendations were made to facilitate the start of digitization and to encourage cultural heritage material digitization. They summarize the main questions that everyone will face when starting digitization. In case of more complex questions, we invite you to consult the "Guidelines for Digitization of Cultural Heritage". with specialists from the National Library of Latvia or other cultural heritage institutions.

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    Worksheet in the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration digital collection

    Use the worksheets to develop students' information-seeking skills and expand their knowledge of various topics using digital collection of the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration.


Dāvana vientuļai sievietei - 50

Tieši pirms pusgadsimta – 1973. gada gada nogalē latviešu kinokomēdiju “Dāvana vientuļai sievietei” sāka izrādīt Latvijas kinoteātros. Tā kļūst par kulta filmu, kuru joprojām kā īpašu “svētku dāvanu”  piedāvā TV programmas un par kuru sajūsminās nu jau vairākas skatītāju paaudzes. 

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Digital collections, exhibitions and other valuable resources by Latvian culture and memory institutions


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