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Latvian Prints

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The collection of prints of the National Library of Latvia is one of the largest and most important of its kind in Latvia. The collection includes about 12,500 stored units and about 1,500 prints by Latvian artists, created between the beginning of the 19th century and the present day. The first third of the 19th century is represented by lithographs of Friedrich Krause (1785-1831) and Ernst David Schabert (1796-1853). The only work representing the aesthetics of Art Nouveau and the pursuits of Latvian artists at the turn of the century both in the portrait genre and in printmaking deserves special attention - the portrait of Krišjānis Barons (1835-1923) lithographed in 1908 by Janis Rozentāls (1866-1916), which is one of the best of his graphic art pieces. 1920s and 1930s are represented by typical sights of Riga by Francis Ernests Bange (1895-1974) created in the aquatint technique of etching. The prints by Jānis Tīdemanis (1897-1964), Kārlis Padegs (1911-1940), Niklāvs Strunke (1894-1966) from the collection of etchings Brīvības cīņas (Freedom Fights) (Riga: Valstspapīru spiestuve, 1937). The collection contains also lithographs by Hermanis Grīnbergs (1888-1928), Mihails Jo (1893-1960) and Jevgeņijs Kļimovs (1901-1990). The pride of this collection — the experiment by Ansis Cīrulis (1883-1942) in the lithography technique – “Rīga. Skats no Dzegužu kalna (Riga. The view from Dzegužkalns)” (1921). The largest and most important part of the collection are Latvian prints of the second half of the 20th century: post-war realism, the harsh style, elevated associative figurative expressions of the 1970s, the pursuits of the new "Postmodern" language of the 1980s. Virtually all notable Latvian artists of the 1960s to 1990s are represented in the collection: Gunārs Krollis (1932), Artūrs Ņikitins (1936-2022), Pauls Duškins (1928-1996), Semjons Šegeļmans (1933), Gaisma Giga (1938-1999), Leonīds Mauriņš (1943-2012), Inārs Helmūts (1934), Māra Rikmane (1939), Dzidra Ezergaile (1926-2013), Rūsiņš Rozīte (1943-1978), Gunārs Kļava (1933-1989), Vladislavs Grišinas (1937), Juris Petraškevičs (1953), Silvija Goževica (1953), Lilija Dinere (1955), Kirils Šmeļkovs (1954), Andris Abiļevs (1955), Ilmārs Blumbergs (1943-2016), Juris Putrāms (1956), Nele Zirnīte (1959), as well as many others. Many monographic collections allow to trace the genesis of the work of graphic artists through the decades to the finest detail. The collection contains 359 prints by Jānis Riekstiņš and 24 by Jeļena Antimonova (1945-2002), 50 wood cuts by Pēteris Upītis (1899-1989), 29 etchings by Lolita Zikmane (1941) and 36 by Naftolijs Gutmanis (1938). The current trends of Latvian graphics are represented by the works of Guntars Sietiņš (1962), Lāsma Pujāte (1984), Jānis Murovskis (1961), Reinis Gailītis (1992), Ausma Šmite (1986), Maija Kurševa (1981) and others.

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